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world of Credit Cards
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Amazing Rewards

Credit cards are magical

Enjoy benefits like
Brand vouchers
Free Luxury Flights and Stays
Credit cards can help you realise your travel goals for free. Whether it is flying Qsuite on Qatar Airways or staying at Ritz Carlton in New York, credit cards help afford luxury
Hundreds of Brand Vouchers
Get credit card rewards in the form of Brand vouchers that can help you get a free iPhone, or pay your utility bills, dine, order-in, etc. From Amazon to Myntra to Tanishq, and many more
Good Old Cashback
And who doesn't love cash! With most credit cards you can also get rewarded with cashback or statement credit. Pure hard cash to use how so ever you want to! 
The Problem

But they are

Credit Card products can confuse you
The Solution

Don't worry! We're here for you!

Unlock the full potential of credit
cards with Multiply
Spend & Reward Preference Analysis
Recommendation Engine
Collection of Cards
Level Insights
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Collection of credit card

Collection of Credit Cards that are Right for You

Finding the right credit card among 500+ options can be overwhelming. Let Multiply simplify the process for you
No more annoying calls selling cards that are not made for you. No more getting cards just because they are life time free
Proprietary recommendation engine analyzes your spend pattern, income, and rewards preference and suggests best cards for you
Team of experts to guide you through the application process, ensuring you get the right card hassle-free
Learn credit card

Master the Art of Credit Cards with Learn

Whether you're new to credit cards or a seasoned user, Multiply Learn offers personalized learning to enhance your credit cards understanding
A curated personalized learning path based on your current familiarity level, helping you become a credit card expert
Empowers you with the knowledge to unlock hidden rewards and savings
Equip you with the skills to redeem your rewards
Maximize your rewards

Rewards Maximiser Assistant for Optimum Benefits

We help you make informed decisions to maximize your rewards on your favorite brands
Looking to shop on Amazon, Flipkart, or other leading brands?
Search with Multiply to find out which of your credit cards offer the highest rewards for your desired purchases
Easily find the best credit card for specific categories like groceries, flights, dining, and more
Your Privacy

Your Privacy is Non-Negotiable

Protecting your data, ensuring your peace of mind

At Multiply, we understand the importance of your security and privacy. That's why we've implemented stringent measures to safeguard your personal information.

Our state-of-the-art encryption technology ensures that your data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access. Rest assured, your trust and peace of mind are our top priorities.


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Don't just take our word for it - see how Multiply has transformed the credit card game for our users.
Search is my favourite feature on the app. Never thought anyone could come up with something like this. Whether I’m shopping online or dining out, I like how simple it is to just search for the brand and the app instantly suggests the best card to use along with reward insights. Kudos to the team!
Rohan Khanna
Great app.. Quite helpful for credit card newbies like me. Clear & concise information in the learn section, cleared all my doubts & uncertainties around credit cards. Also got some tips & tricks to make the most out of my cards.
Anshul Saxena
I was a bit sceptical about the recommendation at first but the cards this app suggested perfectly aligns with my lifestyle. Quite impressed by the benefits I’ve been reaping.
Sunil Srivastava
The learn section made me realise I was using wrong credit cards all this time. The comparison between my existing and recommended cards showed how much I was missing out on valuable rewards. Got one of the recommended cards. Waiting to reap rewards from the cards.
Arpit Agarwal
The learn feature on the app is like a crash course on credit cards. I feel more confident in using credit cards now. Have also applied for one of the suggested cards. Highly recommend it!
Abhijeet Bhattacharya
Overall great experience.. The personalised recommendation is the coolest feature. The recommendations are surprisingly accurate. Finally found a card that aligns with my spending & goals.
Gyaandeep Singh
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